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Meeting Minutes: Aug 2013

19 Aug

EPC Meeting August 13, 2013 @ AIA Space

In attendance:

  • Jarrod Saravia
  • Matthew Clemence
  • Sara Kudra

1. CANstruction:  JMS getting a committee together. Who is interested? Would we like to make an EPC team? Typically +/- 10 people on a team 5 max build at once for final installation. Fundraising for cans… Pair with structures firm? JMS has one structural engineer on board. Contractors good to have on team to cut the 1/4″ ply or plexi (max) Print donation for sponsors board


  • Planning fall 2013
  • Ordering Mid-winter January 2014 (earlier if through food bank – wholesale cost they bring it to the mall – site – labeled. Otherwise you have to bring them in yourself)
  • Pre-build based on when you get the cans/ have a space to build it all
  • Build out April 2014
  • SAK to put together email with images to send out to EPC mailing list to solicit participants

2. Construction Tours:

  • AUGUST: Providence G – Eric Army Thursday 22 or 29. If not available then, do weekdays Tues-Thurs.
  • SEPTEMBER: Pitman Street Condos – SAK to get in touch
  • OCTOBER: RISD ISB –  tour date. Ask EWA what date would work

3. Emerging Architects Forum:

  • COME up with NAME! Young Architects Party?
  • Target October 24th// November 7th// 14th
  • SAK contact Waterman grill with these dates, Local 121, something with a center/ stage to do the informal announcements
  • Any kind of content? Have newly licensed architects speak about their experiences? 5 min per person? How many will there be? Do we want an hour of programming, or two half hour slots, sit down pannel … SAK thought: pecha kucha style presentations by newly licensed

4. Other business:

  • Parking Day update? September 20th – Spaces outside AIA available  – is this going on, is there an AIA Board space? Where are the spots, map, should we help, should we solicit help from email list? Ask VS
  • Book keeping. How much spent from grant, sessions, versus registration fees. Cost of books, what is left? How much from lending library. SAK and JMS to look into
    • 4 seminars @ $200/ ea.
    • Kaplan fill in guides
    • Regonline

Next Meeting Tuesday September 10, 2013 at AIA Space


Our new blog!

15 May

The Emerging Professionals Committee of the AIA Rhode Island encourages and connects emerging professionals in the field of architecture and promotes the path to licensure through education and experience.

We have lots of programming to share and are in the process of getting it all online! Check out our page at the AIAri website for info in the interim!

Sara, 2013 Committee Chair